When is the best time of year to fish Christmas Island?

Christmas Island is truly a year-round destination. Being that Christmas Island is equatorial, the destination offers some of the most consistent fishing weather found in the world for the December to March time frame. Angler traffic from the states is heaviest during the winter and spring months but this has more to do with anglers looking to get away at this time than the fishing being especially productive. In the summer months Australians and Kiwis tend to dominate the flats and U.S. traffic reduces dramatically.

What about tides and the moon?

The various moon phases of the month have more to do with how the island sets up for your week than any other factor. Anglers looking for a well balanced productive time to fish the flats or want to focus on bonefish should book during quarter moon cycles that provide neap cycle tides and long sweet spots of moderate water depth on the flats. Anglers looking for great opportunities for giant trevally and blue water species should look toward the full moon and new moon periods of the month. These times provide the greatest alignment of the earth, moon and sun and generate the biggest tide swings. Hybrid weeks with either a full or new moon towards the beginning or end of a week provide good opportunities for both.

Should I bring my non-angling spouse to Christmas Island?

The setting on the island is that of an extremely rustic, remote and sub-world locale. Unless your partner is very much willing to "rough it" for the week it is generally not a good destination for spouses that are not interested in fishing.

Can I arrange for a private guide or private accommodations?

Yes, private accommodations can be arranged in advance at an additional cost. Private guides can be arranged in advance or on site, for the whole trip or single days at an additional cost.  

How much is the flight from Honolulu to Christmas Island?

There is only one flight a week aboard Fiji Airways to the island from Honolulu and departs back to Honolulu on the same day, which is Tuesday. Trips begin and end on Tuesday and anglers are asked to arrive in Honolulu on Monday or before. The round-trip cost for this flight usually runs just under $1000 per person. Airfare is not included in your fishing package.

Can I fish the blue water at Christmas Island?

Yes! Anglers that agree to give it a try can fish the blue water for a half day very easily without additional charges in most cases. The edge of the island drops into deep blue water very close to shore. Wahoo, yellow fin tuna, mahi mahi, GT’s, and even billfish can be caught within one or two miles of the beach. This means that on good weather days anglers can head out on the ocean for just a few hours and then return to fish the flats all in the same day.

Does the lodge provide tackle for it's guests?

No. Anglers must bring everything they will need with them for the trip.

What about trip insurance and medical evacuation coverage?

Anglers are strongly advised to purchased trip insurance through Travelex. All guests travelling to Christmas Island should purchase a membership to Global Rescue. In the event of a serious medical issue, there is no way to get you off the island to receive modern medical care unless a private jet is chartered, which can run $50,000 - $100,000. Global Rescue provides thorough and 100% reliable assistance in the case of an emergency.