Christmas Island Outfitters is a team of highly skilled and veteran guides, owned and operated by head guide Bita Kairaoi. Accommodations are simple and rustic featuring air conditioning, running water, private bathrooms, daily room service, double occupancy configurations and are located on the beach on the ocean side of the island. The lodge does their best to provide comfortable, clean accommodations in such a harsh, remote place, however this is a true adventure and luxurious experience should not be expected.

Meals are managed by one of the island’s most experienced and well-respected lodge managers Kata Katangateman. Food is a combination of island and western fare. Meals are very simple and meant only to satisfy the appetite of hungry anglers. Fresh seafood is often served as well as rice, chicken and pork. Lunches continue to be meager on the island. We highly recommend bringing a supply of snacks such as energy/protein bars, granola bars, beef jerky, nuts and dried fruit to supplement lunches. Also, electrolyte packets to mix in to your water will keep you hydrated and feeling good for the week. Feel free to mark on your customs form that you are bringing in food.

Sunset Horizon is just north of the main village of London and a very short drive to the boat harbor. Sunset Horizon sits on the beach on the ocean side of the island. Accommodations are rustic, simple and non-luxurious. Sunset Horizon has full time power, air conditioning and good access to Wi-Fi (for a fee).

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"If ever there was a destination where traveling anglers were required to “go-with-the-flow”, Christmas Island is it.  If you cannot wrap your brain around spending thousands of dollars to visit a place where you may on more than one occasion be required to smash a cockroach with a flip-flop, fall asleep to the click-clack sound of a hermit crab crawling across your room (or leg), or spend 6 days eating white bread and processed cheese sandwiches for lunch, then likely this is not the place for you. If by contrast you appreciate adventure, the skill and kindness of some of the most talented flats guides found anywhere, and the faraway beauty of a prolific saltwater environment; then a finer place is hard to find!"