Christmas Island Outfitters is a small operation taking a maximum of twelve anglers per week. The lodge is located halfway between the airport and London on a secluded section of beach. Accommodations consist of three split level buildings, each with four separate units. Each room is configured to house two anglers and have a private bathroom. Rooms are very simple, relatively rustic but kept clean and features ample space for your gear. Top floor rooms look out at the vast Pacific ocean with fantastic ocean breezes that fill your room. A/C is not required to keep anglers comfortable but all units do have A/C. Your room will be cleaned and restocked with soda, water and beer every day during your stay. Each unit is equipped with screened windows, fans, a small refrigerator, and simple plastic table and chairs. Meals are a very basic and regularly comprise fresh seafood (snapper, tuna & wahoo, lobster, mantis shrimp), chicken, pork, rice, pasta and sometimes steak. Fresh vegetables and fruit are very hard to keep in supply 

There is nothing fancy or luxurious about Christmas Island outfitters. Accommodations are very simple and provide a clean, comfortable space to lay your head at night. As you drift off to a restorative sleep each night, you'll listen to the sound of waves crashing on the reef and dream of the next greedy bonefish or cruising trevally to attack your fly. Anglers should think of the facility as a "fish camp" built for one purpose, to provide a functional base camp by which to explore some of the most productive, beautiful and remote flats found anywhere in the world. 

"If ever there was a destination where traveling anglers were required to “go-with-the-flow”, Christmas Island is it.  If you cannot wrap your brain around spending thousands of dollars to visit a place where you may on more than one occasion be required to smash a cockroach with a flip-flop, fall asleep to the click-clack sound of a hermit crab crawling across your room (or leg), or spend 6 days eating white bread and processed cheese sandwiches for lunch, then likely this is not the place for you. If by contrast you appreciate adventure, the skill and kindness of some of the most talented flats guides found anywhere, and the faraway beauty of a prolific saltwater environment; then a finer place is hard to find!"